Asset Management Platform

Designed to cater for unique features of digital and financial assets.

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Our Service

Integrated exchange
and settlement service

Our capital raising platform allows small to medium size businesses to raise capital through private placement at a much lower cost.


Using distributed ledger blockchain technology.

Transparency & Data Privacy

Security tokens allow tracking of transfer of ownership and are stored (on/off chain).


Through eliminating unnecessary fees and charges.


Allows institutional and retail investors to participate.


Ability to fractionalise assets & provide liquidity.


Fast digital transfer of ownership allows trading of tokens on our platform.

Cyber security & data protection is a major focus.

  • Investment decision
  • Trade execution
  • Trade capture
  • Clearing
  • Settlement & Redemption
  • Safe keeping
  • Reporting & Asset services

Core Services

  • Safekeeping of assets (aka safe key management - private / public)
  • Settlement of transactions
  • Reporting and recordkeeping
  • Cash and forex management
  • Fund transfer services
  • Securities lending infrastructure
  • AML/CTF Program : KYC/KYB/CDD
  • Transaction Monitoring & Screening

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