Custodial Platform

The Aerapass platform for asset custody oversees the secure storage and administrative responsibilities concerning investment assets and security offerings within portfolios.

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Our Service

Integrated exchange
and settlement service

Our capital raising platform allows small to medium size businesses to raise capital through private placement at a much lower cost.


Using distributed ledger blockchain technology.

Transparency & Data Privacy

Security tokens allow tracking of transfer of ownership and are stored (on/off chain).


Through eliminating unnecessary fees and charges.


Allows institutional and retail investors to participate.


Ability to fractionalise assets & provide liquidity.


Fast digital transfer of ownership allows trading of tokens on our platform.

Cyber security & data protection is a major focus.

  • Investment decision
  • Trade execution
  • Trade capture
  • Clearing
  • Settlement & Redemption
  • Safe keeping
  • Reporting & Asset services

Core Services

  • Safekeeping of assets (aka safe key management - private / public)
  • Settlement of transactions
  • Reporting and recordkeeping
  • Cash and forex management
  • Fund transfer services
  • Securities lending infrastructure
  • AML/CTF Program : KYC/KYB/CDD
  • Transaction Monitoring & Screening

Aerapass Platform: Transforming Capital Raising and Asset Management

Capital raising involves obtaining funds or capital to finance business ventures or investment projects. This process encompasses various methods, such as issuing equity shares, selling bonds, obtaining loans from banks, or attracting venture capital and private equity investments. Technological advancements have significantly impacted the capital raising process, making it more efficient, accessible, and transparent. New methods and platforms have emerged, transforming the way companies and investors approach fundraising.

The Aerapass platform empowers businesses through strategic joint ventures, combining asset management expertise with capital raising opportunities. Effective asset management ensures the prudent handling of investments and assets to maximize returns, while capital raising facilitates securing initial or additional funding for diverse business initiatives and investment prospects.

Our online investment platforms enable businesses to connect with a wide network of investors, transcending geographical boundaries. We offer diverse investment opportunities, including financial assets, commodities, and digital assets. Leveraging blockchain technology, we provide tokenized assets and security tokens, enabling fractional ownership and fostering participation in various investments, thereby enhancing liquidity. Additionally, our platform facilitates trading in the secondary market, providing increased liquidity for early-stage investors.


Ensuring a user-friendly interface is crucial for customers to navigate and utilize the platform effortlessly without extensive training. The Asset Management platform seamlessly scales alongside businesses, accommodating evolving needs as their asset portfolio expands. Customers also expect mobile access, enabling them to manage assets on-the-go using smartphones and tablets. A dependable support system and access to training resources empower customers to optimize platform usage and address any challenges they encounter.

Data security is paramount to us, and we have implemented robust measures, including state-of-the-art encryption protocols, tokenization, and advanced safeguards, to protect sensitive personal and financial information. Streamlined document management and transaction processes, through digital platforms and cloud-based solutions, reduce paperwork and facilitate smoother, faster transactions.

Our Reg-Tech solution provides businesses with confidence in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including AML/CTF requirements. These powerful tools help navigate intricate regulatory requirements throughout the fundraising process. Ultimately, the Aerapass platform brings significant benefits to investors and businesses, providing cost efficiencies in the capital raising process and fostering greater inclusivity, efficiency, and transparency.

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