Commodities Financing

Digitise commodities finance with increased client access through fractionalisation and collateralisation.

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Assisting market participants
to secure investment funds

Our platform enables traders to optimise working capital at a lower cost through the tokenisation of underlying assets.

Client based solution

Our white-label solution allows clients to customise their offering.


Through transparency and traceability of underlying assets and transactions.


Through securitisation and tokenisation of underlying assets.

Wealth protection - in an age of change

Our focus is on enhancing the digital experience for our customers, bringing together capabilities that drive operating efficiencies and growth, all within a secure environment. As part of our commitment to providing customer-focused solutions, we are expanding our range of investment opportunities to include highly secure, swiftly tradeable precious metals. This will provide investment options for high net worth individuals and businesses seeking to diversify their portfolios and generate long-term returns.

“We offer the convenience of precious metal bullion trading, custody, storage & delivery services on your mobile device.”

Secure and Regulated

Physical warehousing at LeFreeport, a secure bonded and insured facility in Singapore, ensures the safekeeping of allocated metals. Our clients' assets are fully protected and safeguarded with the highest level of security and protection measures in place.

Redeemable on demand

Physical delivery to anywhere in the world via Malca Amit, a trusted logistics and security provider offering tailored solutions and exceptional service to clients in diverse industries, including luxury goods, finance and art.

Zero settlement risk

Providing a zero settlement risk trading experience available 24/7 through a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI), an Application Programming Interface (API), or an ERC20 token. This allows for seamless and secure trading of various assets on the Aerapass platform.

Cost effective Solution

We provide highly competitive pricing for investment-grade bullion that meets the 'London Good Delivery' standard. This ensures that our clients can invest in high-quality bullion at a fair and reasonable price, backed by our commitment to quality and integrity. Trading precious metals in the LeFreeport offers tax benefits such as exemption from goods and services tax (GST) and no capital gains tax, making it an attractive option for investors.

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